Aerial Yoga for Beginners

Aerial Yoga for Beginners

Aerial yoga is basically anti-gravity yoga which is gaining popularity worldwide very quickly. Aerial Yoga is a unique form of yoga which has many health benefits. It is the combination of traditional yoga poses with acrobatics and dance. This article on aerial yoga for beginners will help you understand what it is, its benefits, and how to get started.

What is Aerial Yoga?

aerial yoga

Aerial yoga is a type of yoga style that utilizes a fabric called hammock which is made up of silk or nylon and a rope that is hung from the ceiling to form aerial activities. These hammocks and ropes play a great role in supporting and balancing while performing yoga poses. The hammock allows you to perform each pose well with the support which helps you build strength and improves flexibility in your body. If you want to avoid any extra pressure on your head, shoulder, or spine and try some challenging yoga poses then aerial yoga is the best option. The hammock and ropes support you the best while performing such poses.

Benefits of Practicing Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is the combination of traditional asanas and practices but in the aerial form. It has many benefits for your body as well as mind. Have a look:

Increase full-body flexibility and strength: 

Practicing aerial yoga for beginners is a full-body type of movement that helps in strengthening all the muscles. The hammock itself allows you to stretch and pose and enhance full-body flexibility.

Alleviate back and neck pressure: 

Being upside down in aerial yoga poses can help lengthen and reduce extra pressure on the spine which is caused by sitting or standing all day long.

Alleviate back and neck pressure

Promote circulation: 

It is a great yoga practice for promoting circulation throughout the body as well as improving digestion. Aerial Yoga for beginners is an effective yoga practice that combines to improve body shape through poses and breathing through the movements.

Improve core strength: 

There is a need to maintain stability throughout the different poses, so it’s important to keep the abdominal muscles engaged throughout the practice which ultimately improves your core strength.

Boost confidence and mood: 

With the support of the sling in aerial yoga for beginners, they can make more advanced yoga poses which can boost confidence in the practice and provide them the opportunity to learn more.

Boost confidence and mood

Low-impact exercise: 

Basically, it is a low-impact exercise, so it is an excellent option for those who want to move their bodies but have joint issues. Using gravity and suspension, aerial yoga allows you to create space in the body without compressing the joints. There are even joint-relief-focused classes that specifically target joint pressure and pain.

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Tips to Practice Aerial Yoga for Beginners

Beginners often expect fun and easy accomplishment of the yoga poses before performing Aerial Yoga but this yoga type is a challenging one. If you are completely new to yoga, then you should remember the tips listed below before practicing Aerial Yoga. Though you don’t have to be experienced in any of the yoga poses and exercises before entering aerial yoga still you should know some basic aspects of floor yoga instead.

aerial yoga for beginners

Trust the sling: 

Beginners can enjoy aerial yoga, no matter what their shape, size, weight, or ability is. One thing you have to do is to trust the sling. Aerial Yoga is a body-inclusive practice, so the sling in aerial yoga can hold up to a thousand pounds. So need not fear anything.

Wear the right gear: 

For aerial yoga practice, you should wear tight yoga pants or leggings along with a sports bra and a fitted workout shirt that properly covers your underarms if you have sensitive skin as the slings can sometimes cause chafing. Loose pants or shorts are not appropriate for aerial yoga for beginners.

Don’t eat a big meal beforehand: 

Beginners should avoid eating a large meal for at least an hour before practicing aerial yoga but also remember that your blood sugar level should be normal. So, a small snack like a banana before practicing aerial yoga should be fine.

Leave the jewelry at home: 

Your jewelry can easily get stuck in the slings, so it’s best to avoid jewelry during aerial yoga practice.

Just relax: 

Keep breathing through the poses and continue at your own pace. Try to relax in between difficult poses so that you can gain some energy and do it again.

Speak up: 

Beginners shouldn’t be afraid to speak up and ask the instructor for any kind of help in practicing aerial yoga. If you need help in handling the sling, or you’re feeling uncomfortable in any pose, call out your instructor immediately. That is what they are there for.

Modify poses if needed 

Some difficult poses can be modified if you are not able to perform them. Ask your instructor to modify those aerial poses that are tough.

Is It Safe To Do Aerial Yoga at Home?

Well, yes Aerial Yoga can be performed at home if you are a professional yoga practitioner. But if you are a beginner and trying to practice at home, then you should perform it under the supervision of any trainer and with the proper equipment that is needed to perform aerial yoga. You should be familiar enough with all the equipment and props used in aerial yoga. Also, remember if you are setting up hammocks and free-standing rigs and ropes at your home, try to consider the suggestion of your instructor as those can damage the ceiling of your house if not done properly. Try to invest in the top quality brand that deals in aerial yoga equipment for beginners.


A number of styles, poses, and techniques of yoga are available these days which have their own unique benefits and tricks to perform. Aerial yoga is not just fun for those who do acrobatics or who are professionals. This blog is all about how beginners can also perform aerial yoga with perfection and less injury. Aerial yoga for beginners is a great way to reduce stress and build strength, increase flexibility, and enhance mind-body connection. It can also increase confidence to practice such difficult aerial yoga poses and promote body positivity.


Is aerial yoga safe for beginners?

  • Aerial yoga can be safe for beginners when practiced under the guidance of a certified instructor. Instructors provide essential safety instructions and ensure that beginners learn proper techniques to minimize the risk of injury.

How do I find a qualified aerial yoga instructor as a beginner?

  • Look for local yoga studios, gyms, or fitness centers that offer aerial yoga classes taught by certified instructors. You can also check instructor credentials and reviews to ensure you are learning from a qualified professional.

Can children or seniors participate in aerial yoga as beginners?

  • Aerial yoga can be adapted for various age groups. Some studios offer specialized classes for children, and modifications can be made for seniors. Always check with the instructor and the studio to ensure they cater to your specific needs.

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